Espresso Martini With a Twist by Onno Kokmeijer

Posted On March 19, 2019

Ever since we partnered with Onno Kokmeijer, 2-star Michelin chef at Ciel Bleu-Amsterdam six months ago, to introduce our ORIGINALS series of summer recipes that inspired bars, restaurants and spirit brands, we’ve seen a growing demand for cream liqueurs that tap into seasonal trends. As a B2B company, our private label coffee cream liqueurs offer spirits brands the versatility to go with any kind of trend and add a layer of lasting, silky mouthfeel and taste.

“Our Espresso Martini has a strong coffee cream liqueur basis that excites our guests; but let me walk you through the creation process. We’ll start off by mixing a short shot of espresso with vodka, vanilla sugar syrup and ice. Stirring it firmly with a mixer results in a nice creamy layer of coffee froth. Slowly pour this into a Martini glass with a shot of coffee cream liqueur,” says Onno Kokmeijer. “You’ll find that the thicker coffee cream liqueur pulls towards the bottom, while the froth stays on top. Top it off with some coffee beans’ shavings and make this an all-year-round Espresso Martini by substituting the garnish with a seasonal ingredient of your choice.

Getting more out of coffee
“This cocktail plays into the growing trend of iced coffee and really gives you a kick. At Ciel Bleu, we replaced our vanilla and coffee ice cream with this silky upgrade of a classic Espresso Martini, and it was pure success from the start.”

Spice up your brand portfolio with a coffee cream liqueur
This is just one of the many examples of how your customers can use a coffee cream liqueur for a truly timeless delight. We work with spirit brands from all over the world to create unique private label coffee cream liqueurs, which can be tweaked to any desired application.

Contact us for a cream liqueur with versatility
Adding flavors, making it curdle-free or creating an even longer lasting mouth-feel, is no challenge for our R&D team. We’re happy to work with you to develop the next best cream liqueur, in any flavor of your choice.