Cream Liqueurs & Other Emulsified Alcoholic Beverages

As a global leader in B2B cream liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages since 1979, Creamy Creation is the premier developer and producer for all of your emulsified beverage needs.

Our top-of-the-line technology and innovative processes allow us to produce a large variety of cream liqueurs to suit the needs and tastes of your consumers; from dairy, vegan and egg-nog options, to mixable, mocktails, and low alcohol drinks.

Whether you are looking for private label production or new product development for timeless classics, festive favorites, or something entirely new, trust our blend of cream liqueur industry-leading expertise and creative vision to drive your business forward.

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Our Specialty Since 1979

Our custom cream liqueurs can be 100% tailor-made to your business’s exact needs. Choose from our custom-made, ready-to-bottle products and select a variety of flavors from timeless and traditional, to fresh and fruity. You can even customize the fat and alcohol content to develop the perfect liqueurs for your consumers.

We also offer a cream liqueur concentrate that allows you to make your own product using our supremely high-quality ingredients. Our innovative emulsion technology means our products are completely shelf stable with no pasteurization or refrigeration required.

Non-Dairy & Vegan “Cream”

Creamy Mouthfeel Without the Dairy

In recent years, “free-from” diets have seen incredible growth and dairy-free launches have been recognized as a proven way for alcohol brands to better reach Millennials. That’s why Creamy Creation is more than just dairy. All of our enticing offerings can substitute dairy for plant-based ingredients such as almond milk, soy, nut, and coconut to accommodate the dietary restrictions and preferences of every consumer.
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Egg Nog

Nothing Says Holidays Like Eggnog

As your top alcoholic eggnog producer, we use our expertise in emulsified beverages to produce this holiday classic. If your business is looking to provide the very best of this timeless beverage, work with us and treat your consumers to the finest in festive flavor with our delicious alcoholic eggnog.
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No/Low Alcoholic Beverages

The New Spirits Trend Without the Alcohol

From low-alcohol beverages to mocktails, we’ve solidified ourselves as true market leaders by delivering exciting new concepts based on consumer trends. Our technology, market knowledge, and understanding of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages uniquely positions us to push the envelope and develop tomorrow’s next big thing.
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New Trending Formats

New Trending Formats

We’re not just leaders, we’re innovators. Cocktail enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for new and delicious mixable creams that add a rich, smooth taste of cream to any cocktail. Creamy Creation has developed curdle-free cream options that blend seamlessly with acidic or fruit juices. We will work with you to custom formulate marvelous mixables that your customers will love.
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Unconventional concepts lead to dynamic products. Our multidisciplinary team will meet with you to discuss your specific needs and desires. We’ll also talk label claims, end-consumer targets, alcohol sources and levels, and much more.