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Launch a next generation Vegan creamy liqueur that is as indulgent and smooth as a traditional Cream Liqueur. Available in soy-free & mixable options, this award-winning product line delivers on taste & mouthfeel without compromise.

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We are expanding the plant-based category with the first B2B Oats Liqueur that is vegan, gluten-free and made with real oats. Tap into the dairy-alternative category with one of the fastest growing and most trending ingredient.

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0% Alcohol

Launch a sophisticated, alcohol-free, and creamy product line for consumers that want to moderate or eliminate their alcohol intake. Explore our distinct product concepts meant to target different consumer needs in the zero-percent space.

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Hard Shakes

Shaking up the low-ABV space

Low alcohol, light & refreshing, this RTD packs the right amount of foam, cream and calories. Yes, low-ABV, low-calorie RTDs can also be indulgent!