Experts in Bringing Your Emulsified Beverage to Life

There’s a good chance we’ve created the cream liqueurs you’ve been drinking. Since 1979, our team has been perfecting the science behind our world-class, cream-based emulsified beverages.

Our Story

At Creamy Creation, we develop and produce cream liqueurs and emulsified alcoholic beverages for customers around the world. We are the global leader in the B2B cream liqueur segment, while also specializing in a wide range of cream-based alcoholic beverages. Whether you're looking for a vegan cream liqueur developer or someone to produce your emulsified beverages, our team has the experience for the job. From ideation through to production, Creamy Creation is your top emulsified beverage solution. Our story started in the heart of the Netherlands’ dairy country in 1979 and expanded from there. Fast-forward to today, we have production facilities in both Rijkevoort, Netherlands, and Batavia, New York, and a sales team that covers every corner of the globe.

Creamy Creation

Step Into Our Lab

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we incorporate fresh dairy into delicious, innovative recipes.

  • 1979 The start of our journey
  • 9,625 hrs of development in our lab every year
  • 147 yrs of combined R&D expertise
  • Possibilities  of Creation representation Possibilities of Creation

Meet Our Team of Science-Loving Creatives

  • Chief Executive Officer
    André de Haan
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Barber Eegdeman
  • Chief Commercial Officer
    Marco Oomen
  • Chief Commercial Officer
    The Americas
    Matthew Benny
  • Director Operations
    Arjan Voermans
  • Senior Sales Manager
    Maarten Geertsen
  • Senior Sales Manager
    Sander Rams
  • Senior Sales Manager
    Marijke Meijer
  • Senior Sales Manager
    Joe Kovalick
  • Senior Sales Manager
    Rae Anne Popjes
  • Sales Manager
    Gianna Maiorino
  • Sales Manager
    Danilo Mesquita
  • Sales Director
    Jack Yang
  • Sales Manager
    Asia Pacific
    Ron van der Meulen
  • Innovation Manager
    Jeroen Huiskes
  • Marketing & Communication Manager
    Georgia Dina Konstantopoulos
  • Senior Development Manager
    Suzanne van Steenis
  • Technical Support Manager
    Jan Bindels
  • Technical Support Manager
    Jos Bevers
  • Senior Product Developer
    Elle Jorna
  • Senior Product Developer
    Rianne Lamers
  • Product Developer
    Paul Wols
  • Senior Product Developer
    Dona Francis
  • Senior Product Developer
    Megan Valenti
  • Product Developer
    Zoe Fendrich

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Where to find us


Rijkevoort, The Netherlands

Our story started more than forty years ago in a small town, called Rijkevoort, in the southern part of the Netherlands. Here, you’ll find our global headquarters along with our production facility and Sales Office for Europe, Asia and Africa. If you are in the area, make sure to say “Hallo” (you guessed right, it’s “Hello” in Dutch).


Hoogeindsestraat 33 - 5447 PE Rijkevoort - The Netherlands | tel:+31 (0)485 378 900

New York

Batavia, New York

In Upstate New York, you’ll find our North American production facility and customer service team.

Our partnership with O-At-Ka’s Milk Products in the US starts with an ideal location and continuously expanding manufacturing facility. The cooperative’s Western New York home is surrounded by some of the nation’s premiere dairy farms. We take pride in that.

5 Jackson Street, Batavia, NY 14020 | tel:+1 585 664 4771

New Jersey

Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Our US Sales Office is conveniently located in Rochelle Park, NJ, just 30 minutes away from New York City. Here you’ll find our Collaboration Center (aka our lab) where our team is formulating, brainstorming, and creating the next best concept that your consumers will love.

395 W Passaic Street, Suite 252, NJ 07662 | tel: +1 585 664 4771