Spotlight: Crafting Creamy Delights at Creamy Creation

Posted On July 21, 2023

At Creamy Creation, we take immense pride in our talented team of product developers who constantly push the boundaries of flavor innovation. Today, we turn the spotlight on Zoe Fendrich, one of the product developers within our team of R&D experts who developed the Master Medal award-winning RTD emulsified beverage concept, Coconut Winter Melon. In a recent interview featured in The Spirits Business Global Spirits Masters Competition (GSMC) Yearbook for 2022, Zoe shares her inspirations, insights, and aspirations for Creamy Creation’s future. Join us as we delve into her journey and discover the magic our R&D team brings to the development of our award-winning cream-based alcoholic beverages.

A Taste for Spirits Sparked by Creamy Creation

Zoe reveals that her journey into the spirits industry began during her college days when she landed an internship with the small yet dynamic team at Creamy Creation. “I was blown away by the camaraderie in the team, but also by the strong partnerships we have with our customers and suppliers,” she reminisces. It was this immersive experience that fueled her passion and cemented her desire to build a career in the world of spirits.

Crafting Memorable Moments: The Most Rewarding Aspect

For Zoe, the most rewarding part of her role as a product developer lies in the profound impact that food and beverages have on bringing people together. She shares, “Food and beverage is one of the best cross-cultural conductors, and a great avenue to express love, support, and enjoyment, and bring people together.” Creating products that facilitate these moments of connection fills her with joy and fulfillment.

The Coconut Winter Melon Masterpiece

When asked about her preferred way of enjoying Creamy Creation’s range of alcoholic cream liqueur products, Zoe points to the Coconut Winter Melon ready-to-drink concept, which garnered a prestigious Master medal at the GSMC, organized by The Spirits Business. She reveals, “Since it is a lighter cream liqueur, I prefer to drink it straight but chilled.” 

Future Aspirations for Creamy Creation’s Product Development

Looking ahead, Zoe shares her aspirations for Creamy Creation’s product development in the next phase. She expresses excitement about expanding recent innovations, such as oats and vegan offerings, while also exploring new applications and formulations in the alcoholic emulsified beverage space. Fendrich envisions creating samples that challenge customers’ perceptions and encourage them to view cream-based products from fresh, innovative perspectives.

Sustainability and Trial-and-Error: Guiding Principles

Zoe highlights Creamy Creation’s commitment to sustainability by investing in energy-efficient practices and exploring ingredients with a lower environmental impact. She further emphasizes the beauty of trial-and-error experimentation, revealing that some of the best concepts have emerged from initial failures. “The best mistake has been allowing myself the freedom to fail when trying new formulations. I can’t keep track of the amount of flavor combinations that have failed miserably but the trial-and-error process ended up leading to phenomenal and unique concepts.” 

This open-minded approach fuels the creativity and uniqueness of Creamy Creation’s offerings.

Endless Concepts and Customer Delight

According to Zoe, Creamy Creation’s B2B customers appreciate the company’s diverse range of cream-based alcoholic products and the endless list of concepts that can be brought to life. By consistently innovating and delivering on unique ideas, Creamy Creation ensures that customers are delighted with a wide array of exciting options.At Creamy Creation, we are proud to have such passionate and innovative individuals be part of our team of experts. All our Creamy Creation members contribute to our ongoing success and commitment to crafting exceptional creambased alcoholic beverages that bring people together to create memorable moments.