Asian-Inspired Cream Liqueur & Alcoholic Drinks

Posted On January 3, 2023

Creamy Creation creates a range of Asian-inspired cream liqueur & alcoholic beverage concepts

Asian spirits, known for their innovative character, are gaining traction worldwide. Creamy Creation was inspired by classic regional beverages, flavours, spirits and cocktails, to create a selection of creamy, alcoholic drinks that appeal to consumers both in Asia and world-wide.

“Our concepts range from standard dairy to fermented dairy-based, plant-based and vegan.  These concepts feature popular and classic Asian ingredients and flavours such as ume, peach, yuzu, yoghurt, matcha, soy and coconut” Jeroen Huiskes, Global Innovation Manager Creamy Creation.

Creamy Creation found recent success in these concepts in the Asian Spirits Masters, where the Creamy Creation Shōchū Yuzu Cheesecake Concept won a Gold medal for its “lime notes, cheesecake base, and lovely creaminess on the palate.”

The B2B concepts are; Ume Plum Yoghurt, in a Liqueur as well as a low ABV sparkling ready-to-drink version; Royal Milk Tea Liqueur and Café Latte Liqueur; Banana Milk Liqueur inspired by banana milk’s popularity; Vegan Soy and Vegan Peach Soy Liqueur; the award-winning Shōchū Yuzu Cheesecake Liqueur; and a Coconut Liqueur that can be mixed with real juice, a Matcha Coconut cocktail and a Mango Coconut cocktail, available in low ABV ready-to-drink versions.

The concepts are intended for inspiration, are fully customizable and can be made with any flavor combination.


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