Creamy Creation develops the first Oats Liqueur

It feels good to be the first!

We’ve developed a B2B product line that is vegan, made with real oats, and now available to the spirits industry.

Plant-based and “free-from” diets continue to see tremendous growth; almond, oats, coconut, soy, and pea ingredients are leading the trend across various beverage categories, with oats showing the fastest growth. Oat based beverages are expected to maintain their increasing growth rate in the next years, mainly driven by health-conscious millennials who want “free-from,” better-for-you and sustainable products.

Jeroen Huiskes, Innovation Manager Creamy Creation explains “consumers are looking for plant-based and vegan beverages that don’t sacrifice mouthfeel and flavour. Oat based drinks deliver on that promise with their smooth taste and creamy texture, and appeal to both millennials as well as Gen Xers who grew up having oatmeal in the morning. What started as an alternative to dairy milk in the coffee segment, is now expanding across various segments of the food and beverage category.”

Ready to explore all the oats liqueur possibilities?

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