Creamy Creation’s Chief Commercial Officer Talks Growth Strategy and Asian Market Promise

Posted On July 21, 2023

In a recent interview with Marco Oomen, the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Creamy Creation, the leading B2B cream liqueur maker, The Spirits Business highlighted valuable insights into our growth strategy and focus on the promising Asian market. Creamy Creation stands out in the industry by differentiating itself through best-in-class product quality and a customer-intimacy model. Oomen explains, “We walk the extra mile to help our customers from the ideation process all the way through production of the end product.”

Creamy Creation’s commitment to providing exceptional service in the cream-based alcoholic beverage creation space extends beyond production assistance. Marco elaborates, “We can assist with market insights and trends and advise on the best product for our customers and their portfolio.” By offering expertise and support throughout the entire process, Creamy Creation ensures its customers’ success. Our production facilities, located in the Netherlands and the US, produce the highest-quality cream liqueurs, emulsified beverages, and Ready-to-Drink (RTDs) formats.

While traditional cream liqueurs continue to be in high demand, Creamy Creation has observed an increased interest in alternative options, such as vegan and oats, as well as Ready-to-Serve and RTD formats. Marco notes, “We are seeing more companies looking for locally inspired cream liqueurs targeting a specific region and/or consumer group with regional flavors, colors, and concepts.” This trend is particularly pronounced in Asia and Africa, where regional spirits and flavors are gaining popularity.

When discussing the variations in demand across different markets, Marco shares intriguing insights. “In Asia, trending colors and flavors such as Yuzu, Ube, and Peach are in demand,” he explains. In Africa, the dominant flavor for cream liqueur products is the Marula fruit. However, traditional flavors like coffee, chocolate, and strawberry remain universally popular.

Creamy Creation’s move into baijiu-based cream liqueur products is a testament to our commitment to capturing evolving market demands. Marco explains the motivation behind this strategic decision: “We are seeing the increased influence of Asian flavors and spirits in the US and Europe, so it made perfect sense to pair them with cream products.” With ambitions for growth in Asia, particularly in the Chinese market, Creamy Creation developed a range of innovative baijiu-based cream liqueur solutions with typical Chinese flavors and colors. Our efforts were rewarded when one of our innovation concepts received a Master medal at The Asian Spirits Masters Competition.

Marco takes pride in working for Creamy Creation, highlighting the company’s global market leadership, agility, customer-oriented approach, and a culture of innovation. He expresses his satisfaction by saying, “It makes me proud to walk in liquor stores around the world and see many of the products that we have developed and produced in collaboration with our customers.”

Looking ahead to 2023, Marco mentions Creamy Creation’s exciting plans for new product launches, including the development and recent release of a Vegan Coconut cream made with real cream of coconut. This versatile B2B emulsified beverage product line is vegan, mixable, and can be used with both brown and fruit flavors. Marco also expresses his hope for the company to continue growing and achieving its targets and goals as one dedicated team.

Creamy Creation’s success lies in its commitment to exceptional product quality, customer intimacy, and a keen awareness of evolving market demands. With a focus on the promising Asian market and a dedication to innovation, the company is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come. As Marco puts it, “We are always working on exciting innovations as a company to inspire the emulsified alcoholic beverage industry.”