Vegan Creamy Liqueur is Here

Posted On June 23, 2021

This plant-based and dairy-free alternative tastes as indulgent and smooth as a traditional cream liqueur

Increase your consumer reach

Consumers, whether they follow a vegan, flexitarian, dairy/lactose-free or plant-based diet, want beverage options that deliver on taste and mouthfeel, without compromise. Our dairy-free and vegan cream liqueur offerings do just that.

The Next Generation Vegan

Creamy Creation has been a pioneer in developing plant-based and vegan creamy liqueur alternatives for our customers for more than a decade. This next-generation launch is as indulgent and smooth as a traditional cream liqueur. Our dairy-free launches can be incorporated into a “free-from” diet without sacrificing quality, taste, or texture.

Pushing the boundaries of the category

At Creamy Creation, we strive to accommodate the dietary restrictions and preferences of all of your consumers. That’s why all of our offerings, including Irish cream, can be produced with dairy-free substitutes such as soy, oats, nut, and coconut. A soy-free version for customers looking to launch a clean-label friendly product, or a mixable version that blends seamlessly with coffee, juice, and even tonic is also available.


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