Cream Liqueurs & Other Alcoholic Beverages

We combine the freshest cream with the finest spirits to develop a custom cream liqueur that fits your specifications. Our cream liqueurs blend delightfully into any new cocktail creation, and can also be enjoyed on their own as an aperitif.

Non-Dairy & Vegan “Cream”

Creamy Mouthfeel Without the Dairy

In recent years, “free-from” diets have seen incredible growth and dairy-free launches have been recognized as a proven way for alcohol brands to better reach Millennials. That’s why Creamy Creation is more than just dairy. All of our enticing offerings can substitute dairy for plant-based ingredients such as almond milk, soy, nut, and coconut to accommodate the dietary restrictions and preferences of every consumer.
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New Trending Formats

New Trending Formats

We’re not just leaders, we’re innovators. Cocktail enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for new and delicious mixable creams that add a rich, smooth taste of cream to any cocktail. Creamy Creation has developed curdle-free cream options that blend seamlessly with acidic or fruit juices. We will work with you to custom formulate marvelous mixables that your customers will love.
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Egg Nog

Nothing Says Holidays Like Eggnog

As your top alcoholic eggnog producer, we use our expertise in emulsified beverages to produce this holiday classic. If your business is looking to provide the very best of this timeless beverage, work with us and treat your consumers to the finest in festive flavor with our delicious alcoholic eggnog.
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No/Low Alcoholic Beverages

The New Spirits Trend Without the Alcohol

From low-alcohol beverages to mocktails, we’ve solidified ourselves as true market leaders by delivering exciting new concepts based on consumer trends. Our technology, market knowledge, and understanding of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages uniquely positions us to push the envelope and develop tomorrow’s next big thing.
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Our specialty since 1979

Cream Liqueurs

Our custom cream liqueurs can be 100% tailor-made to your business’s exact needs. Choose from our custom-made, ready-to-bottle products and select a variety of flavors from timeless and traditional, to fresh and fruity. You can even customize the fat and alcohol content to develop the perfect liqueurs for your consumers.
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Performance & Lifestyle Nutrition

Our performance and lifestyle beverages are both nutritious and delicious for people with an active lifestyle. And our dual innovation approach is a tailor-made, hassle-free process with a faster time to market. That way, your team can focus on sales.

Performance Nutrition

Performance nutrition is a widening market that doesn’t just include athletes. As more health-conscious consumers look for protein-rich drinks and post-workout beverages that suit an active lifestyle, you’ll need to create a dynamic product that reaches this growing market. We’ll help make sure your product is nutritious, delicious, and caters to people of all athletic abilities.
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Active Nutrition

From health-conscious Millennials to older generations looking for drinks to support healthy aging, there’s no denying the health trend of today’s consumers. We develop a wide variety of protein-rich drinks and post-workout beverages that promote and support the needs of people with active, healthy lifestyles.
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Weight Management

Consumers know that getting to their ideal weight is no reason to settle for bland, tasteless drinks. We agree, which is why we make tasty weight-loss beverages that can cater to your customers’ nutrition goals. We’ll work with you to create weight-loss drinks that will cut down on cravings while boasting of crave-worthy flavor.
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Other Non-Alcoholic Emulsified Beverages

Your ready-to-drink beverages should be made with unique flavors and ingredients, such as our cold brew coffee and refreshing tea. From beverage formulation to production, we offer a streamlined process to make sure your product is a success.

Traditional Iced Coffee

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. We can develop all of the delicious coffee-house favorites that your consumers are sure to love with appetizing cappuccinos, bold espressos, and creamy lattes, all ready to drink anytime and specifically designed to their tastes.
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Functional Iced Coffee

With millions waking up to it every morning, coffee’s appeal as a functional beverage is known worldwide. If your business is trying to get a piece of this enormous market, let us help. We’ve got the drive and the know-how to develop nutritious and tasty iced coffees for your business, and to open up exciting high-protein options your consumers will love.
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Flavored Iced Coffee

Take your iced coffee to the next level with flavorful coffees from Creamy Creation. We’ll help you to produce flavored coffees for every taste, whether it be classic mochas and vanillas or something a little more fruity or even herbal.
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