Master Medals in Liqueur and Pre-Mixed & RTD categories

Posted On November 11, 2021

Our B2B Vegan Concepts win 7 Medals

in the Spirits Business Competition, including three Master Medals in the Liqueur as well as RTD categories

The results of this year’s Spirits Business blind tasting competition were announced on November 1st, which also happens to be World Vegan Day! Our B2B Vegan concepts wowed the judges and industry experts – from spirits writers and consultants, to event organisers and brand owners.

Here’s what the industry had to say about our B2B concepts:


The “you would not guess this was vegan” Piña Colada

‘In the Vegan contingent, leading B2B (business‐to‐business) cream liqueur developer and manufacturer Creamy Creation impressed with its Vegan Piña Colada Concept. The expression, which is fully customisable, was described as “authentic” in flavour with “juicy coconut, creamy texture, and a luxurious mouthfeel”.

The judges agreed you “would not guess this was vegan”.

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The “balanced and creamy….tastes just like its namesake cocktail” Brandy Alexander

‘The penultimate flight of the day, Vegan, uncovered two Master medals, two Golds and three Silvers. Creamy Creation (B2B) was awarded Master medals for its Dutch Silk Vegan Creamy Liqueur Concept and Brandy Alexander Vegan Creamy Liqueur Concept. 

The former was lauded for being “balanced and creamy”, while one member of the panel praised it for having good alcohol integration and a nice texture. Meanwhile, Brandy Alexander Vegan Creamy Liqueur Concept impressed judges for tasting just like its namesake cocktail, while being “creamy with a bit of heat”. 

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