IWSC 2022: Explore our No Alc. award winning concepts

Posted On July 28, 2022

Our 0% Alcohol concepts shine at the IWSC Awards

with high tasting scores in the low/no category

We are proud to be award-recipients of the 2022 IWSC, the world’s largest and most influential low & no alcohol alternative drinks awards.


The No/Low Category

The no/low alc space is seeing tremendous growth and beverage producers are investing significant time & effort to create high-quality products for consumers looking to moderate or eliminate their alcohol consumption. It is worth mentioning that according to the IWSC, the 2022 entries for the 1.2% and lower category  up increased 225% versus 2021.


The evaluation process

Judged by a panel of low/no experts from a diverse range of sectors from over 30 countries, our three concepts – as with all IWSC awards –  were evaluated using the double blind method where samples are served in pre-poured numbered glasses to ensure unbiased results. Among the judges who tasted our no-alc samples were renowned low/no  industry experts such as Laura Willoughby (Co-founder of Club Soda), Camilla Vidal (La Maison Wellness, the Mindful Drinking Movement) and Millie Gooch (founder of the Sober Girl Society).



Elderflower Citrus Hops Spir.t Mixer

 “Subtle notes of elderflower and citrus. Quite yoghurt-like with a touch of sweetness, and even more citrus. Superbly made and very moreish.

Vegan Piña Col.da

“Pineapple and coconut offer a perfect mouthfeel, balanced sweetness and classic style.

Silk Cream Liq.eur

“Creamy chocolate aromas with a silky latte character. Rounded flavours of oats, nuts and cream on the palate with a hint of smoke. Luxurious.”