Other Non-Alcoholic Emulsified Beverages

Wake your business up to the true possibilities of coffee with our ready-to-drink iced beverages, which are now the third fastest growing soft drink category in the world. From classic coffee to flavored concepts, our beverages are custom formulated from a variety of healthy and delicious dairy or vegan protein bases.

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Flavored Iced Coffee

Take your iced coffee to the next level with flavorful coffees from Creamy Creation. We’ll help you to produce flavored coffees for every taste, whether it be classic mochas and vanillas or something a little more fruity or even herbal.
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Functional Iced Coffee

With millions waking up to it every morning, coffee’s appeal as a functional beverage is known worldwide. If your business is trying to get a piece of this enormous market, let us help. We’ve got the drive and the know-how to develop nutritious and tasty iced coffees for your business, and to open up exciting high-protein options your consumers will love.
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Traditional Iced Coffee

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. We can develop all of the delicious coffee-house favorites that your consumers are sure to love with appetizing cappuccinos, bold espressos, and creamy lattes, all ready to drink anytime and specifically designed to their tastes.
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