In fall of 2018 we were proud to team up with the renowned mixologist and founder of The Cocktail Guru, Jonathan Pogash, to create fresh and effervescent new cocktails, featuring Creamy Creation’s WSWA award-winning creations;
  • Café O’Joy-Best of Show and Double Gold,
  • Lemongrass Ginger-Gold medal,
  • Melon Coco Breeze-Silver medal.
“The Creamy Creation products are truly unlike any cream liqueurs I’ve ever experienced or worked with in the past. They blend with various base spirits seamlessly. They behave well with fresh fruit and seasonal ingredients. I’m also amazed at the innovation behind the flavors of cream liqueurs that the Creamy Creation R&D team put forth. 
They have a keen sense of flavor – their philosophies marry well with my cocktail development viewpoint – that is transforming culinary ingredients into liquid form.”  Jonathan Pogash
Thanks Jonathan – We had a blast working with you!