Beverage Categories without Borders
By successfully blurring the lines of the most popular drink categories, we developed a range of original cocktails for those consumers who are open to a unique and complex drink experience. The concept is based on 2 trends: blurring categories (for uncommon options) and personalization (people are looking for innovative beverages that offer an extraordinary adventure). Until now it was unimaginable to create a stable mixed drink that contains a dairy splash. But, Creamy Creation has made the impossible – possible!
Successful Introduction
Developed together with Okura’s restaurant Ciel Blue – a 2 Michelin Star restaurant – we combined sparkling wine with a splash of dairy to create bubbly summer cocktails. By eliminating the risk of curdling, we delivered a truly refreshing drink with a smooth and silky character and a surprising effervescence!
Our Objective: Collect Feedback from the Market
* We received overwhelming response from established wine houses, bartenders and spirit houses
* People agree that this is the right moment to launch these types of innovations
* Target group: millennials / women
* When: afternoon drink / lunch or brunch / late afternoon /social moments of enjoyment with friends
* Where: beach, bar, restaurant, poolside, at home
* Freedom to create your own signature cocktails with a fresh cream splash Рwithout curdling
Our New Sensational Cocktails:
Sparkling Summer Feast: A Refreshing Summer Sipper
Mocha Latte: Smooth Espresso Cream Cocktail
Banana Dream: Your Own Tropical Delight